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Anna Sagan

ode to matisse: poppies in bloom, 2024 - original artwork

ode to matisse: poppies in bloom, 2024 - original artwork

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NAME: ode to matisse: poppies in bloom

DIMENSIONS (H X W X D): 10 x 10 x 2.5 inches

YEAR / EDITION: 2024 / original artwork

MATERIALS: acrylic, gouache and spray paint. finished with resin. custom-made, black floater frame included with purchase. 

ABOUT / ARTIST STATEMENT: this piece, inspired by henri matisse's cutout series, explores the vibrancy and elegance of nature through the delicate form of poppies. using bold, contrasting colors and simplified shapes, I aimed to capture the essence and energy of these flowers, echoing matisse's playful yet profound approach to art. The juxtaposition of sharp edges and soft curves invites viewers to appreciate the harmony and beauty found in simplicity. this painting is a celebration of life's fleeting moments, encapsulating the joy and vitality of a summer garden in full bloom.


*all rights to the image are fully retained by the artist. any unauthorized use violates the united states copyright law.
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