Sexy Wines

Sexy Wines

It's almost Valentine's Day - and if you haven't already made your plans or bought your gift for that special someone in your life... you better GET ON IT!

Luckily for all you procrastinators out there, WINE is an easy, quick, and PERFECT gift that can be fitting for all relationship / commitment levels. (LOL 🙃)

I have two reds to share that, I admit, sound very “gimmicky” when it comes to their names. However, they are pretty serious when it comes down to the quality. These two are what I like to call “my go-to sexy wines” — hope you enjoy!


1. SLO Down Wines: Sexual Chocolate Red Blend, 2016

This has been my "go-to sexy wine" for a couple years now. I was a huge fan of 2015, and now the 2016 vintage available to purchase, and it definitely holds up to the same quality. This wine is mostly a Syrah blend that delivers an intense combo ripe and dark fruit. On the palate, I get immediate and intense flavors of blackberry, plum and bing cherry followed by a smooth finish of dark chocolate and vanilla. It's decadent but easy to drink. PLUS - there's is even an added bonus of getting more attractive as you drink it... ;)

Where to find in store: Look for Sexual Chocolate in the 'Red Blend' section. (Wine is from California)

Varietal(s): Mainly Syrah with a touch of Malbec.

Price point: ~$25

More Deets on purchasing: This wine is pretty popular and has a larger channel of distribution, so you likely won't have trouble finding it at your local wine shop or super market that has a larger wine selection. However, you can also purchase online here!


2. Two Hands Wines: Sexy Beast Cabernet Sauvignon, 2016

This wine is another one of my favorites and it happens to be ANOTHER big, bold and juicy red. "Sexy Beast" is the perfect name for this wine as it has strong berry flavors of black current, plum and blackberry. It also has wild notes of lavender and leather that linger a bit on the finish. Overall this wine is made 100% from the cabernet sauvignon varietal and is pleasurably smooth and flavorful. If you haven't tried Australian wines - I recommend you start! They make some fantastic shiraz, grenache, and cabernet, and you can usually get them at a great price for their value!Two Hands Wines are known for producing award-winning wines from distinct and renowned wine regions across Australia. (Sexy Beast is from McLaren Vale.) In November 2019, Two Hands was named in the Wine Spectator's annual Top 100 for the 10th year in a row. (Which, apparently, is an achievement that no other winery can boast.)

Where to find in store: Look for this in the Australian or Cabernet Sauv section.

Style: Full-bodied

Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon

Price point: ~$25 - $30

More Deets on purchasing: This one might be a bit of a change to find in store. If you have trouble, or just want to go the easy route - shop online here!

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