My Winestyr Experience

My Winestyr Experience

‘Tis the season to connect and be near family and friends ... which also means it’s more than necessary to have ample amounts of holiday cheer nearby. 😉

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‘Tis ALSO the season for holiday parties, errands, dinners, sleigh rides, family time, Christmas tree decorating, shopping, traveling, cookie decorating... you name it. It’s all happening all at once. It’s undeniably the best and busiest time of the year. With all the chaos happening around us, the last thing on our to-do list is probably finding the perfect bottle of wine to bring to Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner... So, let me tell you about an awesome company that can help make your holiday wishes come true: Winestyr!

In a nutshell, Winestyr is a wine company that was founded as an e-commerce platform to help consumers discover and purchase wine from top-quality, small-production wineries here in the United States. They do this by seeking out the best wine from winemakers throughout the country than making it accessible to purchase on their website. Over the last couple of years, they have expanded their services to include a best-in-class wine club and appointment-only wine consultations at their brick & mortar showrooms in Chicago.

This past Saturday, I got to experience what Winestyr’s appointment-only wine lounge was all about at their West Loop location.

This is what I did...

#1: I tasted unique, top-quality wine that I wouldn’t have access to anywhere else

As I mentioned already, Winestyr’s “bread and butter” is finding unique wine producers and exposing them to us, the consumer. So at the lounge, I got to taste five wines that were chosen to be featured on their November menu. It was cool to hear each of their unique stories as well as the distinctive characteristics that set them apart.

#2: I got to learn more about each featured wine from a refreshingly friendly, and authentic wine consultant.

Have you ever had that classic, wine shop experience where an employee tries to sell you a bottle of wine but talks to you in a patronizing manner? I know I have. Luckily, that behavior does not go down at Winestyr. My wine consultant was George Toles, and he was everything. George’s passion and appreciation for wine are off the charts. I had a great time just interacting with him as his energy was nothing but uplifting and fun. He made it his mission to give me the best experience possible. He was thorough on all fronts and made sure to emphasize facts that he thought I’d find interesting based on what he knew about my palate and what I told him I liked. However, what I appreciated the most was how he articulated his presentation. He met me right at my level and explained everything in a way that made me feel comfortable to ask questions for myself!

#3: I learned more about Winestyr’s services, including the details about their wine club.

What I like the most about it (compared to others I’ve seen) is that it’s designed to be fully customizable. For your shipments, you have the capability to choose your preference on wine types (mixed red & white, all-red, all-white) and even how much you want to pay, as you can choose shipping frequency and the number of bottles per shipment. To give you a price range of total cost for this wine club, their most affordable shipment option is $79, and their most expensive is $179. Their bottle price sweet spot typically is within the $20-$50 range. Also, did I mention that SHIPPING IS FREE? Yep, shipping is free. That’s kind of a big deal as shipping wine has the reputation to cost a small fortune. Luckily for us, Winestyr found the loopholes necessary to make it happen. Plus, the shipments come to your door fast too – typically around 2-3 business days (or less).

I hope that this post has encouraged you to check out Winestyr for yourself! The value and product offerings they provide are revolutionary to the wine industry. I firmly believe that they are pioneers in changing how we discover and shop for wine in the future.

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