Palate Club Red Wine Tasting Kit

My Palate Club Experience

It's been a minute since my last blog post, so I'm excited to get back into it with a really fun one!

This post is all about a brand new wine club that I think is revolutionizing how you and I discover new wines... and all from the comforts of our smartphones!

About a month ago, Palate Club sent me an awesome tasting kit to try. I had never heard about them before, but was curious to learn more as their tagline so boldly states: "Never drink bad wine again."

What makes Palate Club unique is how they take the data from your wine ratings and combine them with machine learnings to create personalized wine selections!

Sound too good to be true? Well, let me tell you more about it and you can determine that for yourself.



The Blind-Tasting Experience

What makes Palate Club incredibly fun, and different from all the rest, is the method they use to determine your unique taste profile - blind tasting kits!

You can choose if you'd like a 'red wine' or a 'white wine' kit, and each kit comes with 4 half-bottles of wine that are polarizing in taste.


Don't be scared of the fact that it's set up as a "blind-tasting". There is no quiz at the end that will determine your GPA in wine knowledge. No, the reason the bottles are wrapped is to make sure you rate each wine based on what you taste and not anything else. After you taste the wines and rate each of them on their super easy app, Palate Club will then take the data from your learnings (which is based on SCIENCE) to create a new shipment of wines designed to match your personal taste.


Thinking about hosting your own blind-tasting party?!

I don't know about you, but I'm excited that the world is starting to open back up and I don't just have my cat, Milo to drink wine with. 😂

If you are planning on hosting a dinner party soon, I'd definitely recommend getting one of these kits to try with along with your friends! I decided to do the initial Palate Club tasting with my parents, and it was an absolute blast! Not only did we have a great time discovering new wines for ourselves, but it was also fun to observe how unique are palates were.

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