Evidence That We're Capable of More Awesomeness Than We Think

Evidence That We're Capable of More Awesomeness Than We Think

“Umm, I can’t do that!” <-- The exact words I uttered to myself after reading the email to this commission request.


Luckily, I didn't let my mind keep me from taking on this project, because it was one of my favorites yet!


Create a custom hall tree using vintage flooring planks that came from the client's old flooring store in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.


Each of the planks varied in length. They were also around 3 inches wide, which was about twice the size of what I use in my artwork (1.5" wide). So, before I started on anything, I very carefully cut down each of the pieces so that they would seamlessly work along with my artwork design.

Once the planks were cut, I then finalized my plan for the hall tree bench. Since, I wouldn't consider myself an expert in furniture making quite yet, I decided to be smart and find an existing plan that I could get creative with.

I found these plans for a "Shiplap Hall Tree Bench", and they were exactly what I was looking for!

I followed the instructions when it came to building the bench and the back. However, I replaced the shiplap with my artwork and made a few adjustments to the trim for a more modern look.

(If you are interested in making this for yourself, I recommend going ahead and purchasing these plans from The Awesome Orange (just $10). Trust me, they are totally worth it and great plans. This blog post won't cover the nitty-gritty details you'll need to know either!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Commission-Piece-1024x576.jpg


After making the quick mockup (right) and getting a thumbs up from the client, it was then time to start the furniture build!

I started with making the bench frame out of a sheet of 3/4" pinewood plywood. As you can see, I had a little mishap with the pocket holes. Luckily I had them oriented so they wouldn't be seen when complete.

BENCH DONE. The PH's were at the top of the supports so hidden by the seat top! 🙌 

Then I assembled the bench seat using (3) 2x8's ripped down to 5 5/8"W x 67"L and by gluing and clamping them together. (Note: My clamps were not the best, so I had to do some hardcore wood planing & sanding afterward.)
This was me building the back out of two large pieces of 3/4" plywood. I secured them together using wood glue and 3/4" pocket holes and 1 1/4" hole screws. I made sure to alternate the directions of the pocket holes for some extra strength! 💪

I then assembled my artwork as the backsplash.

I made sure to measure everything to match what would have been the shiplap in the plans. I think the hardest part was the cutout at the end, which I didn't document. (🙈 Sorrrry!) I used wood glue and 3/4" 18gauge brad nails to adhere everything to the plywood.

Towards the end of this project, I got into a whole new level of "hyper-focus mode" and didn't document the process of attaching the seat to the bench frame and adding all the trim.... so I apologize for the lack of detail.

Here are some pictures of how the whole project turned out!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little of the "behind-the-scenes" action. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about how I did this special project!

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