A Refresher Course on Wine Etiquette

A Refresher Course on Wine Etiquette

This past July, I posted a series of videos on my Instagram that explained the basics of wine etiquette. And these tips were not the slightest bit revolutionary. Quite the opposite - I’m 99.9% sure you heard them before in cotillion class or whatever.

As simple as my tips were - I’ve since observed that the vast majority of people still DON’T practice them. And you're probably like, “whatever Anna - it’s fine how I hold my wine glass”. And I agree, it’s fine. You do you!! HOWEVER - if you’re anything like me, and aspire to have an above-average life that isn’t full of total ignorance.... listen up!


Tip #1: Hold your wine glass by the stem.

I hate a dirty wine glass. When you hold your wine glass at the base, you’ll 100% get it all filthy with fingerprints.... thus, also making your look less polished than you deserve!

Tip #2: Smell your wine before you taste it.

SCIENCE says 80 percent of the flavors we taste come from what we smell. That’s why smelling wine is essential and only increases our level of enjoyment when we’re drinking it.
I often get more distinct aromas on my nose 👃 than what I do on my palate 👅. Which I think is pretty typical. Next time you are sipping on some vino - make sure you remember to smell it first! (Practice to see if you can smell & taste the difference!)

Tip #3: Swirl your wine.

Swirling your wine not only makes you look super cool, but it also makes it taste better. Swirling allows for more oxygen to enter the wine, thus “opening it up” as some people say. As the wine opens, it gives off more aromas and also softens it a bit.
(Just note that oxygen and wine are also FRENEMIES. If too much oxygen is exposed, say overnight, or over a few days - the oxygen will fully oxidize the wine and it will be ruined.)

Tip #4: Drink from the same position on your glass!

This tip might seem a little silly — but I think it’s pretty important. Drinking from the same place on your glass prevents the rim of your wine glass from looking sloppy. Also, if you sip from the same place every time, you won’t taste the inside of your mouth (which just sounds awful, right?!?)

And there you have it. Four wine etiquette tips to keep you classy this holiday season!

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